Audio and Video (AV)

Provides solutions for the deployment of today's audio and video applications

Over the past decade, many audio and video (AV) applications, such as video display terminals, projectors, video conferencing, and digital signage, have shifted to connections via copper cables and fiber optic local area network (LAN) wiring。This is due to the fact that more and more systems are being integrated into a unified cabling infrastructure,New standards such as HDBaseT™ have been introduced,It can realize ultra HD 4K audio and video, 100Mb/s Ethernet communication, USB, bidirectional control signal and 100W power supply on a single twisted pair,Standard 8P8C (RJ45) connectors are also available,Supports transmission distance up to 100 meters。

现在,More and more audio and video (AV) applications are taking advantage of network cabling and Internet Protocol (IP),Includes software-defined Ethernet Video (SDVoE) protocols that support uncompressed 4K video, audio, and 1Gb/s Ethernet communications over standard network wiring and devices,And the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 2110 standard, which defines uncompressed transmission of HIGH-DEFINITION video over IP。

Simon is honored to beSDVoEAlliance member, our full range of copper and fiber optic wiring systems provide superior performance and reliability, ensuring a clear picture for the latest AV applications。

High performance AV system wiring


Although the HDBaseT standard allows the use of class 6 twisted pair cables for short distances, all equipment vendors recommend class 6A or higher cables to support the bandwidth required for 4K signals up to 100 meters, especially class 6A or 7A shielded cables。SDVoE requires class 6A or higher cables to support 10Gb/s。These systems can also be supported with single-mode or multi-mode fiber wiring for increased bandwidth and greater transmission distance

  • Provides full-line class 5E, 6, 6A and 7A cables that provide the highest performance margin on all critical transmission parameters, including external crosstalk that can significantly affect the video signal。

  • Class 6A and class 7A shielded cables are rated to 75°C and have good heat dissipation performance. They support remote power supply applications, such as HDBaseT power supply (POH) and Power Over Ethernet (PoE), and can power existing video monitors。

  • Compared to Class 6A, class 7A shielded cable can reduce transmission delay by 50%, which can improve the jitter and performance problems of high resolution video signals caused by delay, especially over long distances。

  • A variety of multi-mode and single-mode cables, cable assemblies, fiber distribution boxes, fiber jumpers, fiber tails and fiber field termination systems support all connection requirements from the backbone to the video display terminal。

Flexible and efficient AV connection


Simon provides a range of copper cable and fiber optic connectivity solutions for devices used in HDBaseT, SDVoE and other video applications -- from distribution racks on the switch/hub side to sockets, fiber optic adapters, device jumpers and plugs for connecting video display terminals, controllers and other AV devices。

  • Z-PLUG®The cable length can be customized,Fast direct connection to AV display terminal in the field,No need for sockets and equipment jumpers,More beautiful,A single model of z-Plug is compatible with classes 5E, 6, 6A, and 7A,Can be terminated with shielded and unshielded, solid and multi-strand cables from gauge 22 to 26。Click to order the Z-Plug sample

  • Z-MAX®Sockets can be installed in various MAX®The panels, adapters, surface mounting boxes and distribution frames deliver top-notch performance through a patented IDC contact design that minimizes external crosstalk, enhances video transmission, and enables fast and easy endpoints to class 6, 6A, and 7A cables。

  • The cost-effective LightBow™ fiber termination system is ideal for AV connections, providing uHD video with higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances via single-mode and multi-mode LC and SC connectors. Using innovative lightweight fiber termination tools, the LightBow™ fiber termination system can be quickly terminated or repeatedly terminated and is easy to learn。

  • MAX fiber optic adapter modules are available in simplex, duplex ST and SC, duplex LC types and are compatible with all MAX family panels, modular furniture adapters, surface mounting boxes and distribution frames。

  • MAX HDMI Adapter extension cable provides extended connections from LCD projectors, monitors and electronic whiteboards to HDMI ports on Simon MAX family panels。

Excellent AV equipment and cabling support


Simon provides a variety of distribution units (PDUs), racks, cabinets, distribution boxes, fiber optic connectors, cable managers and accessories to support AV devices, as well as wiring areas and network connections for AV deployments。 

  • 2 - and 4-column racks, freestanded cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets in a variety of sizes and colors provide a stable platform for installation and protection of AV equipment and connections。

  • The area distribution box provides shorter wiring links from the area distribution box to local AV equipment and display terminals by supporting intermediate connections between optical and copper cables in the ceiling space, walls and under raised floors, making the movement, addition and change of lines more flexible and economical。

  • PowerMax™ PDUs come in basic, metering, and a full line of intelligent PDUs that provide cost-effective power distribution solutions for monitoring AV devices in the field or remotely。

  • Vertical and horizontal cable manager and routing system provide superior protection for copper and fiber optic AV cables and jumpers。

  • Full range of accessories, from solid or exhaust equipment racks that support non-rack-mounted AV devices, to rear cable managers, brackets, protective brushes, empty panels, etc。

  • Simon WheelHouse® The full line of advanced data center solutions includes high-density plug and play multi-mode and single-mode fiber systems, SFP and QSFP high-speed interconnect solutions and fiber fusion solutions, ideal for backbone infrastructure support and AV device to switch and server connections。