Very large scale data center

Delivering the best performance ever in today's superscale data centers
Innovative, global, customized optical fiber solutions

Excellent fiber optic and copper cabling expertise

  • The r&d team focuses on innovative small-diameter cabling solutions for manageable high density environments
  • Strict control of optical device polishing, positioning, end geometry and cleanliness to achieve excellent performance
  • Use the best quality materials to ensure mechanical reliability during field installation
  • Patented innovative fiber optic and copper cable connector design enables rapid deployment and simplified maintenance

Custom design, engineering and prototyping

  • Fiber type, performance level, hybrid cluster, step length, color coding, and custom labeling and packaging options
  • Work directly with our engineering team to quickly design, modify and customize solutions
  • Custom developed prototype and finished product solutions to meet your specific super-scale data center needs

Fast manufacturing and fast turnaround

  • Ability to plan raw material inventory and respond to demand immediately
  • Integrated manufacturing with high speed automation can deliver a large number of products in a short time
  • Large packaging and kit options reduce on-site waste packaging and related handling
  • Efficient logistics and local storage to ensure on-time delivery

Global operations with local support

  • Global manufacturing, logistics and sales to provide services and project support to local customers
  • Coordinated operation and processing at all locations ensures global consistency
  • Build strong global partnerships with inventory distributors, certified Installers (CI) and system integrators
  • Global technical experts work with your dedicated account manager to provide on-site support

Reasonable price, excellent quality

  • Purchase BOM according to budget as required
  • Flexible, customizable and reasonably priced cable assemblies provide superior quality and performance
  • Comprehensive testing has proven that Simon's quality and performance are superior to low cost common fiber solutions。


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