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Provide solutions for today's advanced remote power supply applications

POE -powerguard_ powerguard_ black bodyThe use of remote power supply technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and POWER over HDBaseT (POH) to transmit direct current to IP-based devices over twisted-pair copper cabling has had a significant impact on the deployment of existing network infrastructure。Today, it's no surprise that more than 100 million Ethernet-powered ports are delivered each year because of the benefits of remote power -- faster deployment, 75 percent cost savings over AC, centralized backup power, and so on。

First generation Power over Ethernet (PoE), or IEEE 802.The 3AF Type 1 (15W) is suitable for driving lower power consumption devices such as IP clocks, VoIP phones and simple security cameras。Along with the IEEE 802.3AT Type 2 (30W), higher level IEEE 802.3BT Type 3 (60W) and Type 4 (90W) and POH (100W) for audio and video applications,Today, remote power supply technology can be from wireless access points, advanced pantoon zoom cameras, access control devices and LED lamps,To video display terminals, vending machines,Even desktop and laptop computers and all other devices power。

With the increasing power consumption of today's remote power supply, heat accumulation in copper cable bundles and arc damage to connector contacts are possible, which can lead to loss of power and power supply efficiency, performance degradation, and damage to connectors。Deploying the cabling infrastructure for today's converged networks and transmitting power remotely to a variety of devices requires specialized cable and connector designs to provide superior remote power support -- this is Simon's PowerGUARD™ (" PowerGUARD ") technology。

Innovative socket design


The pins in the RJ-45 connection hardware are gold-plated (usually in gold or palladium). In the case of PoE or POH transmission, the plug-and-pull jumper connection creates an arc between the plug and socket, which will corrode the gold-plated surface of the plug and socket pins。If corrosion occurs in the fully coupled position of the RJ-45 connector, it can result in unreliable connections, degraded network performance and increased bit error rates。

Some connector manufacturers have been able to ensure that the arc position of the socket pin is away from the fully coupled position。Unfortunately, their pin structure does not ensure that the corrosion of the plug pin is also far away from the fully coupled position。Corrosion of sockets and plug pins can lead to unreliable connections。

Simon z-max powered by PowerGUARD™ (" PowerGUARD ") technology®And MAX®And TERA®The socket, with its patented crown type contact pin styling, guarantees arc damage away from the final coupling position of the plug and socket pins, allowing you to connect and disconnect from the latest remote power applications without risk。

Advanced cable construction


Remote power supply applications may increase the temperature within the bundled harness, which is more of a concern in higher power Type 3 and Type 4 PoE and POH applications。The increase of temperature will aggravate the insertion loss and premature aging of cable skin material, which will irreversibly affect the transmission performance。

Various wiring standards define the normal operating temperature of a cable. TIA and ISO specify the attenuation factor of cable length insertion loss when the temperature is higher than 20°C。Shortening the link length to meet this requirement affects the design strategy and flexibility of the infrastructure。In addition, for remote power supply applications above 60W, the national electrical code (NEC) limits the number of cables in a harness based on the cable gauge (AWG) and temperature class。

Simon GAP (GT) Class 6A non-shielded cables, Class 6A shielded cables, and Class 7A fully shielded cables are PowerGUARD™ with discontinuous foil construction,Maintains mechanical reliability in environments up to 75°C,Ensure excellent heat dissipation and extremely stable transmission performance,No need to reduce cable length too much (see chart),And reduce the additional requirements for wire harness。 Click here to see Simon Cable'sMaximum recommended wire harness size

High-performance Device Connection


Modular plug end link (MPTL)

In a traditional network infrastructure, a horizontal cable ends at a socket in the workspace and connects an IP device to the network via a dual-end jumper。This traditional method is not always the most effective for some equipment, especially those fixed to suspended ceilings for long periods of time。PoE lamps, security cameras, and wireless access points can be directly connected through standard modular plug end links (MPTL) without panels, sockets, and jumpers。The modular plug end link (MPTL) configuration simplifies bill of materials, customizes length and enables fast connections, improves performance by reducing additional connection points, and improves security by removing jumpers that can easily be disconnected。

The Z-Plug field end PLUG with PowerGUARD™ technology provides superior performance for PoE devices connected via a modular PLUG End link (MPTL) configuration,And has 360-degree full shielding coverage and rated operating temperatures up to 75°C,Can also be used with Simon PowerGUARD™ (" PowerGUARD ") cables,Provides excellent heat dissipation performance。

  • Exceeds Class 6A performance and supports high-speed applications such as Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6
  • A single model supports shielded and unshielded, solid and multi-strand cable terminals with 22 to 26 wire gauges
  • The shorter, rounded plug design eliminates the need for sheath and buckler protectors, perfect for devices with limited connection space
  • The easy-to-use Z-Plug terminating tool and intuitive open hinged wiring module enable industry best terminating speed by eliminating the need to run wires through the inlet

Jumper wire connection

In the absence of a modular plug end link (MPTL) configuration,The Simon Z-Max Class 6A and TERA Class 7A four pairs of shielded solid modular jumpers feature PowerGUARD™ technology for perfect connection to sockets and devices,Its rated operating temperature is up to 75°C,The possibility of transmission performance degradation in high temperature environment is greatly reduced,Ideal for use in Spaces that are not equipped with environmental control systems, such as ceilings and warehouses。

In a space equipped with an environmental control system,Such as active equipment and jumper connections between telecommunications,Simon Class 6A shielded Multi-strand modular jumpers with PowerGUARD™ technology offer smaller wire diameters and greater flexibility while achieving rated operating temperatures up to 75°C,In order to meet the use of wiring area。