Security and monitoring

Provide solutions for today's IP - based security systems

In the last ten years,The mainstream applications in the security and surveillance industry have evolved into IP-based cameras, access control systems and intrusion detection devices,That's because these devices are easier to install and integrate,It also has higher resolution and greater intelligence, analysis and remote access capabilities,In addition, remote power supply technologies such as Power Over Ethernet (PoE) can be used to power the device。In fact, IP security cameras now dominate the entire security market。

Ip-based security solutions can communicate with each other for higher levels of security, integrate with other IP-based building systems, and be accessed anytime, anywhere on a single platform via the Internet。For example, with ip-based security solutions, video analytics can identify security threats and communicate directly with access systems to close locks and send alerts to remote security personnel。

Simon offers a full range of copper cable, fiber optic wiring and supporting systems for low and high bandwidth security applications, excellent support for PoE, and efficient connection to security terminals。

High-performance security system wiring


Ip-based surveillance cameras, access card readers, access controllers, detectors, and other security devices can be connected to the network through class 6A shielded balanced twisted pair cables, providing excellent support for PoE and future advanced applications。Single-mode or multi-mode fiber wiring can also be used to support such security systems for higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances。

  • The full range of indoor/outdoor class 5E, 6, 6A and 7A cables provide the highest performance margins for all critical transmission parameters。
  • Class 6A GT, class 6A, and Class 7A shielded cables can meet the rated operating temperature up to 75°C and provide better heat dissipation performance for PoE applications, powering today's IP-based security devices。
  • A full range of multi-mode and single-mode optical cables, cable assemblies, distribution boxes, jumpers, pigtails and field termination systems support connections from trunk to longer distances, such as vehicle access control and remote cameras。

Efficient, secure connections


Simon offers a range of copper-cable and fiber-optic connectivity solutions for IP-based security systems -- from switchside distribution racks to sockets to device jumpers and plugs that connect cameras, access card readers, access controllers and detectors。

  • Z-PLUG®Field end plugs can be customized cable length, can be field end, and then quickly directly connected to the device, by removing the panel socket and easily disconnected device jumper, thereby improving security。Slim plugs with rounded edges can be easily connected to space-constrained devices without the need for jackets and buckles。A single model of Z-Plug is compatible with Class 5E, 6, 6A, and 7A, and can be connected to shielded and unshielded, solid, and multi-stranded cables from gauge 22 to 26。
  • Z-MAX®Sockets can be installed on a variety of MAX panels, adapters, surface mount boxes and distribution frames, with patented IDC port design for optimal performance and easy and quick termination。
  • The cost-effective LightBow™ fiber termination system is ideal for fiber optic connections. Single-mode and multi-mode LC and SC connectors can be easily and quickly terminated using innovative lightweight termination tools, providing higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances for remote security devices。
  • MAX®Fiber optic adapter modules are available in single/duplex ST and SC types, and duplex LC types are optional, compatible with all MAX family panels, modular furniture adapters, surface mount boxes and distribution frames。

Excellent security equipment and cabling support


Simon provides a variety of distribution units (PDUs), racks, cabinets, distribution boxes, cable management and accessories to support network switches, DVRS, servers and storage devices for various security system deployments。

  • The full range of 4-column and 2-column racks, vertical and wall-mounted cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and colors to provide a stable installation and protection platform for equipment and connections。
  • The area distribution box provides short wiring links from the area distribution box to local security cameras, access card readers, door locks, detectors, and other devices through intermediate connections supporting optical and copper cables in the suspended ceiling space, walls, and under raised floors。
  • PowerMax™ PDUs range from basic to metering to a full line of intelligent PDUs that provide cost-effective power distribution for switches and security devices。
  • Vertical and horizontal cable managers and routing systems provide superior protection for copper, optical and jumper cables。
  • A full range of accessories, from cable managers, supports, protective brushes, filled empty panels to solid or exhaust equipment racks, are used to protect non-rack-mounted security equipment such as monitoring hosts。
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