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The future of data centers

The rise of connected technology and changes in People's Daily life patterns are driving the data center landscape。As data centers of all types and sizes evolve to support the growing demand and volume of data, the data center industry is experiencing the following major trends:

  • Cloud services are increasingly being adopted by users, investment in very large data centers and the need for hosting and managing services are also increasing
  • It can be applied to data center interconnection (DCI) technology, distributed cloud, and full-mesh switch architecture in highly virtualized environments
  • Upgrade to 400/800G Ethernet with low latency 50/100 Gb/s server connection and cost-effective converged network
  • Establish 5G and edge data centers in office premises, access/cell sites, and regional telecommunications hubs and hosting Spaces
  • Through a range of innovative technologies such as white box networking, software-defined networking and automation, to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, sustainability and security, which users are increasingly concerned about

Now, more than ever, you need network infrastructure like this:

  1. Safe, reliable, adaptable and flexible
  2. Allows rapid upgrades to meet changing business needs
  3. Supports rapid change, economic efficiency, and simplified business operations
  4. Improve team work efficiency and make work results more effective

Advanced data center solutions
Application guidelines

At Simon, we pride ourselves on our design heritage, technological innovation and data center DNA。We've incorporated this passion into Simon's advanced data center solution, which is designed to fully support your data center needs now and in the future。

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Road to 400G and more advanced applications

While enterprise data centers are just beginning to adopt 100G switch uplinks, industry standards for 400G applications are in place and active equipment is on the market。Such high rates are still several years away for many enterprise data centers, but rapid progress has been made with the large, hyperscale cloud service providers, which define the market, drive technological advances, and ultimately will permeate the enterprise with high rate applications in the next few years。

These trendsetters are pushing speeds up to 800 gigabytes and are working to develop fiber optic technology for the future.6T和3.Feasibility of 2T rate。Related industry standards are not far behind. The IEEE Beyond 400Gb/s Ethernet research group has defined 800G and 1.Physical layer targets for 6T optical fiber applications。

An in-depth understanding of 400/800g applications, trends and technologies, as well as relevant industry observations, can help you chart a course for your organization's growth。Start your 400G and 800G journey now!


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As business needs evolve, the data center environment is changing from a traditional single model to a variety of different applications。However, regardless of the size or complexity of your data center environment, are there a range of solutions and services that can provide you with customized support。

Simon's new generation of minimalist data center solutions,It includes advanced copper cables, optical cables, connectors, high-speed interconnection products, cabinets, cable management, power distribution, automated infrastructure management, and heat dissipation management solutions,Designed to support high density and bandwidth requirements, increase deployment speed, improve scalability, and improve management performance and efficiency,Supports data centers of various sizes and types from small to medium enterprise to large cloud computing and hosting,Helps customers greatly optimize their data centers,At the same time, it can achieve minimal maintenance,And significantly reduce the overall cost。

Very large scale
The data center


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Cloud computing and
Managed Service provider


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Whether you are a service provider that hosts multiple users' IT business and delivers IT under SLAs, or an organization that invests in digital transformation to accelerate business growth, your future growth depends largely on the network infrastructure of your data center。The cabling infrastructure of a data center is key to meeting the high availability and high performance expectations of internal and external users。Your team also needs to ensure that the cabling infrastructure has satisfactory uptime, reliability, and scalability to ensure that users don't have to think about how to go digital, but just focus on how to succeed。

What can our data center services do for you?

We apply our data center expertise to a global service network to guide you in selecting and designing the physical infrastructure that meets your needs to maximize your data center potential, while continuing to provide you with the support you need to respond quickly to changing requirements, prevent outages, and maintain optimal performance。

Visit our data center services page to learn how Simon can support your organizationUnleash the true potential of the data center

It all starts with great data center design


Data center cabling compliance inspection service

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Data center design services

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Network infrastructure that you can trust

At Simon, we pride ourselves on our engineering background, innovative technology and data center heritage。We have integrated this passion into Simon Advanced Data center solutions,This solution is designed to fully support your current and future data center needs,Combined with Simon's industry leading quality, performance and reliability,To help you reduce your risk,Maximize running time,And successfully deploy new applications and services。

Simon Core Data center solutions


Base 8 and Base 12
Plug and play optical fiber system

High-density FCP3 rack-mounted fiber distribution boxes can be connected, protected, and managed in a compact 1U rack-mounted unitUp to 96 core optical fibers。

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The high-speed interconnection
The solution

Simon's full range of high-performance high-speed interconnection products, for point-to-point direct connection applications in data centers,Supports a maximum of 100 GB。 


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Class 6A and 7/7A
Copper system

Our end to end copper cable system provides the latest network requirements Beyond standard performance And high quality support


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