Product specification Sheet Library

MapIT infrastructure management

EagleEye Connect Software

MapIT G2 Category 7A TERA

MapIT G2铜自动化基础设施管理系统

MapIT G2光纤自动化基础设施管理系统

MapIT G2主和分布控制面板


S110 Connection System

S110® Field-Terminated Panels

S110® Modular Jack Blocks

S110 ® Patch plug-in


S210 Connection System

S210 ® Patch Plugs


S66M1-50 Block

UltraLinx S66 Block Protectors


40/100G Equipment Conversion Cords For 100G

40/100G Equipment Conversion Cords For 40G

40/100G设备线(js) - MTP 2mm跳线

Base-12 Next Generation MTP to MTP Trunks

BASE-8 40/100G设备线- MTP 2mm跳线

Base-8 MTP到LC BladePatch 4 X 10G混合设备线,欧洲-欧洲级Dca, Cca

Base-8 MTP to LC Hybrid Equipment Cords

Base-8 Plug and Play Trunk Assemblies

Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3)

Fiber Management Tray (FMT)

Fiber Outlet Box (FOB2)

Fiber Splice Enclosure (FSE)

Fiber Splitter Cassettes

Fiber Splitter Panel

Fiber Storage Center (FSC3)

Fusion Splice Solutions

HD FCP3 Fiber Connect Panel System

LC BladePatch®高密度极性可逆光纤贴片线-中国

LC BladePatch®高密度极性可逆光纤贴片线-全球

LC Connector Products

LC to MTP 4 X 10G Hybrid Equipment Cords

LightBow™ Fiber Termination System

LightSpeed Fiber Termination Kit

LightSpeed® SC, LC, ST Epoxy Polish Connectors

LightVerse™ Adapter Plates

LightVerse ™ Enclosures

LightVerse ™ Modules

LightVerse™ Splice Tray and Splice Cassette

MTP®到LC BladePatch®4x10G混合设备线- Base-8 - Euroclass

MTP®到LC BladePatch®4x10G混合设备线- Base-8 -全球

MTP®到LC BladePatch®混合设备线- Base-12 - Euroclass

MTP®到LC BladePatch®混合设备线- Base-12 -全球

OptiFuse™ 900μm Breakout Kits

OptiFuse™ Fusion Splice-On Connectors

Plug and Play Cable Assemblies

Plug and Play Modules and Adapter Plates

Plug and Play MTP to LC Trunks

Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC)

RIC Fiber Panels

ValuLight LC跳线和辫子-国际

ValuLight LC跳线和辫子-北美

Wall Mount Interconnect Unit (SWIC3)

XGLO and LightSystem Jumpers and Pigtails

XGLO Mini-LC Duplex Fiber Cable Assemblies

XGLO Singlemode LC and SC Simplex Jumpers


9GECP002ACE301A - Tech specs

Single Armor Single Jacket All-Dry Cable

XGLO & LightSystem室内密闭缓冲分布光缆(仅限国际使用)

XGLO & LightSystem室内紧缓冲分布光缆(仅北美使用)

XGLO & LightSystem室内外松管光缆(仅EMEA使用)

XGLO & LightSystem室内外松管光缆(仅限国际使用)

XGLO & 室内/室外灯管照明系统,B2cas1a,d1,a1 - EMEA

XGLO & 照明系统室内/室外灯管,Ccas1a,d1,a1 - EMEA

XGLO & LightSystem室内外紧密型缓冲光纤电缆(仅EMEA使用)

XGLO & LightSystem室内外紧密型缓冲光缆(仅限国际使用)

XGLO & 室内/室外照明系统,护甲,松套管-国际

XGLO & 北美LightSystem连锁铝铠装光纤电缆

XGLO & LightSystem工厂外光纤电缆(仅限国际使用)

XGLO和LightSystem室内外灯管,Dca - EMEA


XGLO和LightSystem室内外紧密缓冲,B2cas1a,d1,a1 - EMEA

XGLO和LightSystem室内外紧密缓冲,Ccas1a,d1,a1 - EMEA

XGLO和LightSystem室内外紧密缓冲,Dca - EMEA

XGLO和LightSystem室内/室外,装甲,LooseTube, EuroClass B2cas1a,d1,a1 - EMEA



XGLO Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffer - Australia

XGLO Mini Outside Plant Loose Tube - Australia


Reinforced product

DIN Rail Mounted Patch Panel

M12 D-Coded Cable Assemblies


Ruggedized Copper Connectivity

Ruggedized LC Fiber Connectivity

The workspace

Category 5e CT 5e Couplers

Category 6 CT 6 Couplers

Category 6 MAX 6 UTP Outlets

Category 6 Z-MAX 6 UTP Outlets

Category 6A Z-MAX 6A Shielded Outlets

Category 6A Z-MAX 6A UTP Outlets

Category 7A TERA Outlet

CT Faceplates


MAX HDMI Adapter Extender Cable

MAX International Faceplates

MAX® and Keystone Faceplates (US)

MAX® Horizontal Medical Faceplates - Australia & New Zealand

MAX® Horizontal Secure Faceplates - Australia & New Zealand

MAX® Wi-Fi Access Point Bracket Faceplate


MX-SM Surface Mount Boxes

Surface Pack Box

TERA Category 8.2 Outlet and Plug

Universal Modular Furniture Adapter

Z-MAX 45 Category 6A Shielded Outlet

Z-PLUG Field-Terminated Plug

Tools and measuring instruments


LightBow Fiber - Termination Upgrade Kit

LightBow™ Fiber Termination System

MAX TurboTool

Termination Tools

Test Adapters

Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

Rack and cable management

24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure

4-Post Rack


Cable Tray Rack

Horizontal Cable Managers

Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure

RouteIT Cable Managers

RS Rack System

RS Rack System - Value Rack

RS3 Cable Management Rack System

Stand-off Brackets

Value Vertical Cable Manager

VPC Vertical Patching Channel (VPC)


DataKeep Cabinet Accessories - EMEA

DataKeep DC Cabinets - EMEA

DataKeep TR Cabinets - EMEA

多隔间并置机柜- 600mm(24英寸.) and 800mm (31 in.) Wide - North America and Latin America

V600 42U Shock Pallet and Ramp

V600 Cabinet (Rev. B)

V800 Cabinets

Wall Mount Cabinet

Modular wiring

Copper/Fiber Combo Panel

CT Patch Panels

HD5 Patch Panels

HD6 Patch Panels

IC 5e UTP Solid Modular Cords

Keystone UTP Patch Panels - Flat and Angled

MAX In-Line Coupler Panel

MAX Patch Panels

TERA-MAX Patch Panel

Z-MAX 5e Shielded Patch Panels

Z-MAX 6 UTP Patch Panels

Z-MAX 6A Shielded Patch Panels

Z-MAX 6A UTP Patch Panels

Jumpers and components

5e MC 5e UTP模块线-国际

5e mc5e UTP模块线-北美

Category 5e Screened 5e BladePatch

Category 5e Screened MC 5 Modular Patch Cords


Category 6 BladePatch 6 UTP

Category 6 IC 6 Modular Cords - International

Category 6 IC 6 Modular Cords (US)

6类MC6 UTP模块线(国际)

Category 6 MC6 UTP Modular Cords (US)

Category 6 PC 6 UTP Modular Cords

6类SkinnyPatch 6 UTP模块线-国际

Category 6 SkinnyPatch 6 UTP Modular Cords - US

Category 6A Shielded BladePatch

6A型Z-MAX 6A屏蔽模块线(国际)

6A类Z-MAX 6A屏蔽模块线(美国)

6A型Z-MAX 6A UTP模块线(国际)

Category 6A Z-MAX 6A UTP Modular Cords (US)

Color-Coded Cable Clips

IC 5e UTP Solid Modular Cords - US

LockIT Secure Connectivity System

LockIT ™ Patch Cords

MC 5e UTP Modular Cords - Brazil

SkinnyPatch 6A屏蔽模块线-国际

SkinnyPatch 6A Shielded Modular Cords - US

SkinnyPatch™6A UTP模块化电线-国际

SkinnyPatch™ 6A UTP Modular Cords – US

TERA Category 8.2 Patch Cords

TERA Patch Cords

TERA Video Patch Cords


5e优质5e UTP 4对电缆(国际)

Category 5e Premium 5e UTP 4-Pair Cable (US)

Category 5e Solution 5e UTP Cable (US)

Category 6 Premium 6 UTP Cable (US)

Category 6 Solution 6 OSP UTP Cable (EMEA)

Category 6 Solution 6 OSP UTP Cable (Global)

6The solution6 UTP 4对电缆E2 -国际

Category 6 Solution 6 UTP Cable (US)

6类系统6 UTP 4对B2ca电缆- ERCA

类别6系统6 UTP电缆隔水管和静压箱

Category 6 System 6 UTP Cable (International)

6系统6 UTP电缆Cca类-国际

6类6系统UTP LSOH电缆(IEC 60332-3C)(国际)

6A类F/FTP电缆- LS0H(国际)

6A类F/FTP电缆- LSFR0H -国际

Category 6A F/UTP 4-Pair Cable - International

Category 6A F/UTP 4-Pair Cable (EMEA Only)

Category 6A F/UTP Cable (US)

类别6A F/UTP双护套OSP电缆,美国制造(全球)

6A F/UTP室内外电缆-全球

Category 6A GT UTP 4-Pair Cable

6A类GT UTP LSOH四对非亚洲电缆(产地限制)

Category 6A S/FTP Cable - International

Category 6A TL UTP LSOH 4-Pair Cable

6A类U/FTP四对电缆B2ca - EMEA

Category 6A U/FTP Cable - International

Category 6A UTP Cable - International

Category 6A UTP Cable (US)

Category 6A UTP Indoor/Outdoor Cable - Global

Category 6A UTP OSP Cable - GLOBAL

7类600mhz电缆- CPR Cca额定-国际

Category 7 600 MHz S/FTP Cable - International

Category 7 600MHz F/FTP Cable - International

7A类1000mhz S/FTP电缆-国际

7A类1200mhz S/FTP电缆-国际

Category 7A TERA E10 Cable (US)

Category 8.2 E20 Cable - Global

Category 8.2 E20 LSFR0H S/FTP Cable - International

Cluster cable

Base-12 MTP到LC中继欧洲-欧洲类Dca, Cca

下一代MTP到MTP中继欧洲-欧洲类Dca, Cca

Base-12即插即用电缆组件欧洲-欧洲等级Dca, Cca

Base-8即插即用中继组件欧洲-欧洲类Dca, Cca


预终止中继电缆组件(EMEA, APAC)

TERA - S/FTP Trunking Cable Assemblies

The high-speed interconnection

Active Optical Cables QSFP+ 40G

Active Optical Cables QSFP+ 40G Breakout

Active Optical Cables QSFP28 100G

Active Optical Cables QSFP28 100G Breakout

Active Optical Cables SFP+ 10G

Active Optical Cables SFP28 25G

QSFP+ 40G Active Optical Cables

QSFP+ 40G Direct Attach Copper Cables

QSFP+ FDR Passive Copper Assemblies

QSFP+ to 4 SFP+ 10/40G直连铜线

QSFP28 100G Direct Attach Copper Cables

QSFP28到4 SFP28 25/100G直接连接铜线

SFP+ 10G思科兼容直接连接铜无源和有源电缆

SFP+ 10G无源和有源铜直连电缆

SFP28 25G思科兼容直接连接铜质无源电缆

SFP28 25G Direct Attach Copper Cables