Optical fiber distribution box cable capacity table

(sq. in.)
Cable diameter
FCP3-DWR (Front - per side)1.00129825757571463211
FCP3-DWR-4A (Front - per side)3.00387247172172172431910643
FCP3 Enclosures (Rear/Sides - per opening)¹4.08526337234234234582614964
LightStack Enclosures (Front - per tray)0.567246323232832100
RIC3 Enclosures (Front/Rear - per side)3.14405259180180180452011753
Swicenclosures (Top/ bottom-per opening2.5032220614314314335158532


  • The cable capacity reflects the calculated value of 80% filling rate, which is intended to reflect 100% filling condition due to actual use
  • (1) The capacity needs to be further reduced by 50% if the rotatable cable ring is used