Simon Certified Installer (CI) program

In addition to purchasing quality cables and connectors, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure the performance of the wiring system。To ensure the full potential of bandwidth, structural wiring systems need to be properly designed, installed and managed。With these key factors in mind, Simon has launched the Simon Cabling System Certified Installer program。

Simon creates a worldwide network of certified installers through its certified Installer program。Certified installers ensure consistent quality and best performance standards for multi-point and multinational customers' network facilities anywhere in the world。

Top 10 reasons to choose a Simon Certified installer

  1. Simon only works with high quality installers。Each certified installer company must undergo a rigorous application process and careful evaluation before joining the program。
  2. Certified installer companies need to send two employees to Simon training, which includes extensive courses on telecom design principles and installation operations。
  3. The training course is based on the latest cabling industry standards with a thorough understanding of new standards and standards being developed。
  4. Participants are required to achieve a passing grade in the comprehensive final exam to ensure a complete understanding of course material。
  5. Simon Certification training has been recognized by the International Building Industry Advisory Services (BICSI)。
  6. The certified installer project has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification。
  7. Only a certified installer company can provide Simon with a 20-year system guarantee covering product, performance and application protection。
  8. To ensure customer satisfaction, end user surveys will be initiated for each certified installation。
  9. Certified installer companies have access to timely assistance from Simon experts and technicians: technical support, customer service, engineering, sales and training personnel。
  10. Certified installers can purchase products from Simon Preferred Distributors。Simon product distributors will regularly stock the products and offer competitive prices。

World class certified Installer (CI) training

Simon provides extensive training service support for the certified installer program。The Simon Wiring Systems training program was developed by our engineering department and is ISO 9001 certified - the only program in the industry to achieve this distinction。All Simon training is based on relevant standards, combining an appropriate proportion of classroom instruction and practical courses, with a rigorous examination at the end。Simon is committed to providing its design engineers and installation engineers with the most comprehensive and effective training program in the world。Learn more about the training program。

Full series guarantee

Simon wiring system guarantees timely and comprehensive product, performance and application range。Click here to obtain information aboutSimon wiring system guaranteeFor more information on。

Project Assistance Plan

The Simon Project Assistance Program provides a focal point for telecommunications cabling infrastructure projects to meet all aspects of requirements including tender presentation, implementation, design/engineering, workforce coordination, material handling and resource management。

Overview of the Certified Installer program

The program is designed to provide end users with wiring system installations that go beyond ANSI and ISO standards。To achieve this, Simon creates and maintains business alliances with telecommunications professionals who are committed to continuously improving their knowledge, job skills, customer service and process quality。Simon supports the network of certified installers through ongoing training and promotion programs。

If the end user chooses to install Simon wiring system by Simon certified installer, the following advantages will be gained:

  • Applications and products enjoy a 25-year system guarantee。
  • Open wiring system。Select cables that best meet end users' service requirements。
  • Complies with ANS and ISO standards for telecom wiring design, installation and management。 This standards-based cabling approach ensures that the end user's cabling infrastructure can support all current and future voice, data, and image applications
  • An international network of certified installers can support multiple locations and multinational end users。
  • Certified installer training。Cabling systems covered by Simon's warranty can only be designed/installed by telecom professionals who have successfully completed Simon's Intensive training program。Simon requires companies that want to become certified installers to have at least two employees attend the training。This training ensures that the wiring system purchased by the end user is not only up to standard but also designed based on Simon's state-of-the-art wiring components。
  • Simon reserves the right to review, at any time, the certified installer's procedures and documentation, as well as the certified installation performed by the certified installer。The audit process is designed to ensure that installation and management comply with the requirements of the Simon wiring System training manual。
  • 100% link and channel tests。All tests are recorded and documented in detail during the warranty period。
  • Simon cabling system is independent of active network equipment。