Simon Data Center services

Enabling users to realize the true potential of data center environments

Whether you are a service provider that takes on IT for multiple users and delivers under slAs (Service Level Agreements), or an organization that leverages digital transformation to accelerate business growth, your future depends on the network infrastructure of your data center。

As the backbone of an organization's core operations, the cabling infrastructure of a data center is critical to meeting the high availability and performance expectations of both internal and external users。In order for your team to be able to focus on how to succeed rather than how to go digital, do you need to ensure that your cabling infrastructure has stable uptime, as well as high reliability and scalability。

What can we do for you?

Focusing on integrating data center expertise into a global network of services, we aim to guide you through the selection and design process of the underlying physical infrastructure to help you realize the potential of your data center, while providing ongoing support to help you quickly respond to changing needs, prevent downtime and maintain optimal performance。


Data center cabling compliance inspection service

Obtain a summary of the current cabling infrastructure strategy, as well as detailed analysis and guidance recommendations for possible improvements and savings。

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Data center design services

Do you want to design, deploy, or upgrade your data center space and need expert advice and assistance to help you through the process? Our team of DC design experts is ready to support you。

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