Data center design services

Achieve economical and efficient data center cabling and cabinet design

data-center-design-servicesWhen you are designing, deploying, and upgrading a data center, it is common practice to ask experts for advice on switches, servers, and storage technology。However, given that critical equipment relies on proper power, cooling, and wiring infrastructure to ensure performance, reliability, efficiency, and scalability, it is also critical to have professional guidance when selecting and deploying these solutions。

Simon applies more than 100 years of cabling expertise to a global network of data center services,Provide guidance as you select and design the infrastructure you need,In order to realize the full potential of the data center,And provide the ongoing support you need,Respond quickly to changing needs,Prevent downtime and maintain optimal performance and efficiency。As part of our WheelHouse™ Advanced data center solutions, the Simon Global Data Center Design Services team provides you with analytical and strategic services to help ensure that your data center meets your needs today while being resilient and scalable to meet future needs。

Simon's full data center design services include:

  • Full field investigation
  • Develop a complete scope of work
  • Comprehensive document review
  • CFD thermal analysis
  • Detailed floor plan
  • Wiring and channel layout
  • bom
  • 2D drawings and 3D BIM modeling
  • Preset cabinet solution
  • Design and deploy policies

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