Automated infrastructure management

MapIT® The G2 comes with EagleEye™ Connect software,
Create a new generation of physical layer network management solutions



Simon's MapIT G2 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution integrates an innovative smart distribution frame and fiber optic distribution box, an interface friendly master controller, and EagleEye™ Connect software to track and report physical layer activity across the network in real time。

MapIT G2 and EagleEye Connect avoid the complexity common in other AIM solutions and are more intuitive, reliable, efficient, and interactive。

This high standard AIM system is the perfect choice for managing complex network systems with the following advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring - Provides a detailed network view,Display the entire network in a hierarchical view,Includes the architecture view of cabinets and racks and the layout view of workspaces and floors,Are displayed through a complete end-to-end link diagram,All network information is stored in the software database,The database automatically updates the physical layer in real time with any movement, addition, or change,Make sure you are aware of real-time network conditions at all times。
  • Real-time alarm EagleEye Connect can send real-time alerts to IT or security staff when IT detects unauthorized activity on your network, such as an unauthorized device trying to access your LAN。
  • Network Asset Management - EagleEye Connect reports enable you to view unused switch or distribution frame ports。End devices can be tracked by location, device type, manufacturer, service, or other parameters to better monitor and use these critical assets。
  • Shorten downtime - The link tracing view of the MapIT G2 can quickly locate faults on channels and display related information on the MapIT ELECTRONIC distribution frame to guide onsite personnel, greatly reducing the time required for locating and repairing network faults。
  • Remote monitoring - MapIT provides real-time network monitoring of the remote office site to ensure that IT implements headquarters IT policies and avoids unauthorized network changes by the remote office site. 
  • Follow the rules and regulations - EagleEye Connect Maintains network audit logs,Record all network events,Simplified workflow,And it meets all sorts of complicated legal norms,Including Sarbanes-Oxley Act, ITIL, HIPPA, FDA 21 CFR Part II and relevant laws in China, etc。

EagleEye Connect AIM software


Simon's EagleEye Connect automated infrastructure management software provides a key core interface for the entire MapIT G2 system。EagleEye Connect software is web-based,It can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device,Collect, monitor, and store the network intelligent data of MapIT G2 intelligent distribution frame, distribution box, and connected jumper through the master controller and distribution controller,And through a series of stable and user-friendly network management features。

  • Supports real-time physical layer recording and monitoring, including IT device lookup, interactive floor view, rack stereoscopic view, and end-to-end link tracing
  • The navigation tree displays hierarchies from ultra-high levels (city/campus/building) to the lowest levels (devices and ports) for access to location and device properties
  • Real-time databases and automated software discovery stores the status and location of all cables and IT facilities to minimize troubleshooting time and maximize equipment and rack efficiency
  • Discover and record all physical network activity using a comprehensive alarm filtering system, providing real-time alerts for unauthorized network access or changes
  • The work order module is used to assign, direct and track work orders to ensure accurate, prompt and proper recording of work order progress

MapIT G2 Primary controller and distributed controller


MapIT G2 Master Controller (MCP) and Distribution controller (DCP) can collect network infrastructure data provided by all smart distribution frames and fiber distribution boxes on the network, and monitor up to 2880 ports with only 1U rack installation space。 DCP can be used in conjunction with MCP for larger systems。

  • The integrated LCD screen and keyboard display important network architecture and diagnostic information to technical personnel, facilitating the view of link and jumper records。
  • The 1U compact design improves space utilization and reduces space for expensive racks
  • Ultra-low calorific value and low energy consumption reduce operating costs and make the solution more environmentally friendly
  • The main controller MCP adopts dual power supply and dual network port design, which is more secure and reliable

MapIT G2 Smart copper cable distribution frame and jumper


The MapIT G2 Smart distribution frame is equipped with smart panel technology, including integrated LED lights and a graphical LCD display with backlit display, which can be used to display jumper tracking and diagnostic information and guide technicians during the execution of move, add and change work, improving accuracy and productivity。Connections between devices are managed through sensor-enabled jumpers。

  • The 24-port MapIT G2 copper cable distribution frame connects to Simon's shielded and unshielded Z-Max® Keystone socket or unshielded MAX Keystone socket, while TERA MapIT G2 Angle distribution frame can connect to Simon fully shielded TERA socket
  • MapIT G2 has an upgradeable distribution frame for future expansion
  • MapIT jumpers use implantable sensing technology with a ninth core wire in a firm molded sheath and a gold-plated sensor spring pin to track connection information
  • With MaptIT G2 TERA 4 and 2 to RJ45 jumpers, you can easily connect to any rJ-45 equipped active electronics and support cable sharing to run multiple 2-pair applications simultaneously through a single 4-pair cable and TERA socket

MapIT G2 Intelligent optical fiber cable box and jumper


The MapIT G2 smart fiber Distribution box combines the unique smart panel technology with powerful MapIT connection and fiber management features to form an industry-leading smart fiber distribution solution。LCD can be used to display the tracking and diagnosis information of the jumper。It also guides technicians to move, add, and change work to improve accuracy and efficiency。

  • 48-core optical fiber distribution box, providing duplex LC or MTP to duplex LC as well as OM3/OM4 multi-mode and OS2 single-mode multiple types
  • MapIT can be upgraded to support future expansion
  • MapIT G2 Multi-mode and single-mode XGLO® dual core jumpers use high-quality optical fibers that conform to IEEE, IEC, and TIA standards and use MapIT G2 sensing technology to track connection information