DataKeep ™ cabinets

Solid, beautiful, economical and efficient

Simon's full range of DataKeep cabinets for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia is ideal for hosting active equipment and connectivity in a variety of Spaces, including data centres, telecommunications and central offices。Available in a variety of heights, widths, depths and color combinations, and equipped with a variety of door, handle and latch styles and accessories, the series is ideal for use as a stand-alone cabinet or in a multi-cabinet side-by-side aisle configuration。

DataKeep DC cabinet

Simon's full line of DataKeep DC cabinets combine outstanding space utilization, maneuverability and efficiency with a rugged and aesthetically pleasing construction that is ideal for today's advanced data center environment。Available in 800mm and 600mm widths, various depths, heights, and colors (black, light gray, or white), these cabinets meet your data center infrastructure requirements and are easily integrated into the surrounding decoration environment。DataKeep DC cabinet is equipped with excellent ventilation equipment, durable bolted steel structure, load up to 1000kg, and high safety, making the data center environment more beautiful and stable。
  • Ventilation side panels, top and bottom protective brush inlets, and optional fan trays ensure heat dissipation efficiency
  • Ventilation rate was 82%Single open /Double mesh quick ventilation hinged doors, and double solid doors and integral ventilation solid doors
  • Rugged lockable side panels and a variety of handles and lockable options including 4Lock and 3Digit password combination to ensure data center security
  • A variety of base fittings including horizontal adjustment feet, standard casters, heavy casters and dual wheel locking options
  • 800mm Wide cabinets are left on both sidesZero-U Space for cable management, cabling, and installationPDU

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DataKeep Cabinet accessories

Simon's DataKeep DC and TR cabinets come with a variety of cabinet accessories, including laminate, vertical and horizontal cable managers, empty and protective brush panels, fan casters, horizontal adjustment feet and bases。These fittings are available in ink black (RAL 9005), agate grey (RAL 7038) and signal white (RAL 9003) as well as in a variety of sizes, types and configurations。
  • Various laminates for supporting equipment, including rack drawers and fixed, cantilever, telescopic, adjustable laminates
  • The cable manager tray, horizontal cable manager, and cable management ring help route and manage cables throughout the cabinet
  • Heat management accessories such as empty panels, protective brushes, overhead and rack fans help control airflow and improve ventilation
  • Various base accessories and hardware, including casters, leveling feet, bases, cabinet assemblies and ground bars

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