V600™ cabinet solution

Cost-effective and reliable, ideal for today's data centers

v600The V600 is a versatile, cost-effective cabinet product that can be used with the V800™. With innovative features and a full range of accessories, it is ideal for server cabinets in today's data center environments。

The V600 cabinet provides three colors: black, white, and gray. Three heights (42U, 45U, and 48U) and two depths (1000mm or 1200mm) are available。

Specifically for data centers


The V600 cabinet is designed to provide a complete set of cost-effective server cabinet support solutions for today's device-intensive data center environment。

  • A lightweight, stable and high-capacity cabinet supports a static load of 1261kg。
  • Cabinet doors provide up to 71% ventilation, which exceeds the ventilation requirements of mainstream IT equipment。
  • Equipment rails are fully adjustable and can be easily configured to support equipment of any depth。
  • Side plate integrated grounding reed, no need to install additional grounding wire 。
  • Quick-detachable split side panels are suitable for field replaceable front and rear integral ventilation, open ventilation or open solid cabinet doors to facilitate the operation of installed equipment in the cabinet。

Provides a full set of cabinet accessories


This solution provides a full set of V600 cabinet accessories, including cable management, security protection, and heat dissipation management components。

  • The vertical cable management tray is available in a variety of sizes and can be installed anywhere between the front and rear cabinet guide rails. It is equipped with positioning holes and T-shaped openings for cable bundling accessories, PDU installation, and ¼ RPM cable manager
  • In addition to high ventilation rates, the V600 also comes with heat management accessories such as top-mounted cooling fans, vertical exhaust ducts (chimneys), cabinet blank baffles and protective brush panels that can be used to control airflow to maximize efficiency without reducing equipment and wiring density
  • In addition, the solution provides mobile casters, additional equipment rails, grounding kits, adjustable equipment laminators, a cabinet security lock solution to block unauthorized access, and a top divider to establish wiring channels on top of cabinets mounted in combination.

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