V800™ cabinet solution

Fully functional modularization, excellent operability and heat dissipation efficiency

If you have the need to improve wiring and equipment density while ensuring excellent operability and heat dissipation efficiency, then Simon V800 cabinet solution will be the ideal choice for you。

The V800 cabinet is an independent product that provides a solid and cost-effective solution. It provides valuable zero-U space on both sides of the device guide rails at the front and rear of the cabinet for cable management and securing pdUs and distribution frame connections。The V800 cabinet is suitable for high-density data center environments,Can be delivered in v-built pre-built cabinets,As a modular cabinet integrating all these functions,It also works well as a stand-alone network and server cabinet,Or in a multi-cabinet side-by-side configuration,Provides a simple and flexible way to expand data centers。


Fully functional modularization


The V800 cabinet is lightweight and stable. Zero-u modular space is reserved for the four quadrants on the front, right, and left, facilitating copper cable and optical fiber cabling, PDU installation, and cable management。

  • The half-height Zero-U distribution frame is available in black, white and gray, and can be fitted in any of the four quadrants with a 2U standard 19-inch distribution frame that holds up to 384 ports
  • The half-height Zero-U cable channel is hidden under the cover, and is equipped with a cable management comb or d-type cable management ring, which can be used to manage and protect copper cables and optical fiber jumpers, and perform route management
  • A vertical PDU can be installed on a full-height PDU support in a zero-U space without tools

Provides a full set of cabinet accessories


This solution provides a full set of V800 cabinet accessories, including cable management, security protection, and heat dissipation management components。

  • The vertical cable management tray is available in a variety of sizes and can be installed anywhere between the front and rear cabinet guide rails. It is equipped with positioning holes and T-shaped openings for cable bundling accessories, PDU installation, and ¼ RPM cable manager
  • In addition to high ventilation rates, the V800 also comes with heat management accessories such as top-mounted cooling fans, vertical exhaust ducts (chimneys), cabinet blank baffles and protective brush panels that can be used to control airflow to maximize efficiency without reducing equipment and wiring density
  • In addition, the solution provides mobile casters, additional equipment rails, grounding kits, adjustable equipment laminators, a cabinet security lock solution to block unauthorized access, and a top divider to establish wiring channels on top of cabinets mounted in combination.

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