Wall mounted cabinet

Saves valuable space for all kinds of applications

Simon multifunctional wall-mounted cabinets save valuable floor space while affordably protecting network equipment from dust, tampering, and other hazards。Wall-mounted cabinets feature excellent cable management, easy access from the rear, and a fully adjustable mounting guide system for a wide range of applications。

Wall-mounted cabinets, available in black, white and gray, can be ideal for mini-telecommunications or as remote network wiring or gathering points in open, unprotected Spaces such as warehouses, retail outlets and schools。The cabinet can also be delivered as a pre-built v-built cabinet with pre-installed connectors, PDUs, cable management, and accessories。

Easy access and cable management

  • Right - or left-open hinged backplane design, easy to operate equipment and wiring from the rear
  • There are four 2's at the top of the backplane.5/3-inch inlet with two zeros at the bottom.5/0.75 inch inlet
  • 5X5 inch rear inlet supports in-wall wiring
  • The integrated vertical cable management system at the front and rear of the cabinet arranges jumpers in the vertical direction and manages incoming cables

Flexible, firm and secure

  • Available in 12U, 18U and 24U sizes and in 24 "(610mm) and 30" (762mm) depths, it is suitable for a wide range of Spaces and applications
  • Fully adjustable mounting guide system, EIA compliant, with 12-24 threaded holes
  • 14/16 steel structure design, meet UL 6095 safety standard, maximum load capacity 91kg
  • Front doors are available in plexiglass, solid or mesh ventilation with locking swivel handles and locking back panels
  • In high-security applications, the locking swivel handle can be easily upgraded to a third-party access card or biometric handle,

The available parts

  • The heat dissipation fan is installed on the top to achieve the lowest energy consumption when combined with active devices
  • Additional equipment mounting guides, grounding kits and adjustable equipment laminate are also provided

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Wall Mount Cabinet

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