TERA® 8.Class 2 wiring system

Applicable to 25 GB and 40 GB data center applications

Simon's End-to-end TERA 8.The Class 2 copper cabling system is based on the Simon TERA connector, which was originally selected by ISO/IEC 11801 as a Class 7A /FA interface standard, but can easily meet the new 8.2 class standard。TERA connector with Simon 8.Class 2 S/FTP 2000 MHz cables and jumpers when used in combination provide complete beyond ISO/IEC 8.End-to-end systems with 2 connectors, 30 m Class II channels, and 25G and 40G switch-to-server applications in data centers。

TERA 8.The class 2 system supports automatic negotiation and is backward compatible, suitable for 1G to 40G copper cable Ethernet applications in various configurations。This system is better than 8/8.Class 1 RJ45 systems provide improved resistance to internal and external crosstalk and reduced insertion losses。

Innovative TERA socket and plug

category 8.2 TERA Outlet and plug

Simon Innovative TERA sockets and plugs were originally designed as class 7A /FAClass ii interface, which has been leading the way as the highest performance twisted-pair copper cabling system, has been redesigned to support 8.2 class system。

  • Eight as TERA.When installed as part of the 2 solution, the socket and plug provide up to 2 GHz transmission performance, enabling 2 connectors, 30 m channels, and supporting high-speed 25G (25GBase-T) and 40G (40GBase-T) data center applications
  • The TERA socket can be easily installed in the Simon Tera-Max®In the distribution frame, the plug can be connected to the solid core or multiple S/FTP and F/FTP shielded cables of wire gauge 22 to 23 at the same time, and the cable length can be precisely customized
  • An ultra-thin compact design with hinged socket doors prevents dust and other contaminants from entering unused sockets, while a simple termination process ensures that shielding is properly terminated without additional grounding procedures

Multiple jumper options for various data center architectures

category 8.2 Patch Cords

Simon TERA's eight.The 2 system includes TERA to RJ45 jumpers suitable for switch to server 2 connection point connections in end of column (EoR) and Middle of column (MoR) data center architectures。The system also includes rJ-45 to RJ-45 jumpers compatible with 8 categories, suitable for direct connection to servers when deployed on top of the cabinet (ToR)。

  • TERA 8.Type 2 jumper adopts 8.Class 2 S/FTP 2000 MHz cable manufactured, compatible with Class 7A /F downwardAClass I and lower wiring systems
  • Using TERA to RJ45 and RJ45 to RJ45 jumpers, the TERA 8 can be converted.Class 2 systems easily connect to active electronics equipped with RJ45 interfaces in MoR, EoR, and ToR data center deployments
  • Applications can be differentiated by on-site color coding with a detachable color buckle of 9 colors

8.Type 2 E20 cables

category 8.2 Cable

十博8.Class 2 cables exceed the transmission performance requirements of IEC 61156-9 with up to 2000 MHz and 30 m Class II channels, supporting IEEE 802 in data centers.3BQ 25 Gb/s (25GBase-T) and 40 Gb/s (40GBase-T) applications。

  • Each pair of fully shielded S/FTP cables is individually shielded with aluminum foil, and the entire cable is shielded with an integral braided mesh to provide excellent anti-noise and coupling attenuation performance。
  • Maintain mechanical reliability in environments up to 75°C
  • Two flame retardant grades are available: CMR and LSOH (IEC 60332-3)

Pre-terminated cluster cable components for rapid deployment

category 8.2 Cable

TERA 8.2 Preterminated cluster cable assemblies provide an easy-to-install and cost-effective alternative to field terminated single channels. Preterminated sockets can be easily clipped into tera-Max distribution frames。

  • The factory preterminals and tests the TERA 8.2 socket with Simon 8.Type 2 cables are used together in high-performance modular cable components
  • Each component has a unique identifier that correctly locates each branch
  • Adopt six branch double end design, equipped with high strength closed mesh sheath, will not be wound and knot during laying construction