Class 6 unmasked systems

Six kinds of MAX®And Z - MAX®End-to-end systems,
Multiple performance levels

Simon MAX®And Z - MAX®Class 6 systems provide a variety of performance levels that meet and exceed ISO/IEC and TIA connectivity hardware and channel performance metrics to support 10/100/1000Base-T applications。

A full range of jumpers and cluster cables


The Z-MAX Class 6 system boasts record docking speed and, in conjunction with the Z-Max module, eliminates uncertainties in installation to maintain consistent repeatable performance。Its superior electrical performance ensures that the wiring system consistently supports 10/100/1000Base-T applications throughout its life cycle。

  • Z-max modules provide a very eye-catching label system, closed IDC terminals for enhanced protection, easy installation from the front and back of the panel, and the industry's fastest and most reliable terminal process
  • The Z-MAX integrated module supports flat, bevel or Keystone installation and has a patented crown type contact pin structure for improved electrical and mechanical performance
  • The Z-Max distribution frame offers a flat and beveled 1U 24 or 48 port configuration, the modules can quickly snap into place, and an eye-catching port label system helps quickly identify ports
  • The Z-MAX 6 System provides two different cable options. System 6 cable provides the allowance beyond class 6 transmission performance indicators, and Solution 6 cable meets or exceeds Class 6 transmission performance indicators
  • Z-max 6 System Cables Are available in a variety of flame retardant jacket types for a variety of applications, including riser, PLENUM, LS0H (IEC 60332-3) and outdoor (OSP).

Z-max 60-second real-time termination

Flexible and diverse jumper selection


Simon offers a wide range of class 6 Z-Max and MAX series of innovative Class 6 jumpers, as well as factory-prefabricated and tested cluster copper cable assemblies for faster deployment solutions。

  • MC® 6 Unshielded modular jumpers with excellent performance and stress relief features, IC 6 unshielded solid core jumpers are available in single or dual terminal models
  • SkinnyPatch™ 6 Unshielded modular jumpers achieve a smaller diameter through a 28 AWG multi-strand copper wire construction, resulting in improved airflow and increased flexibility in high-density wiring areas
  • BladePatch® 6 Unshielded modular jumpers adopt innovative push-pull jacket design, which can be easily inserted and removed in high-density environment, and easily stacked side by side with ultra-thin jacket
  • Simon Class 6 unshielded cluster copper cable assemblies combined with Z-MAX or MAX modules are factory-terminated and tested for high performance and have eye-catching labels for easy maintenance and management