Base-12 plug and play optical fiber

High performance wiring。Rapid deployment

The Simon BASE-12 plug-and-play fibre optic system is factory-preterminated and tested and can be deployed up to 90% faster than traditional field-terminated fibre optic connections。The system, part of Simon LightHouse™ Advanced Fiber Cabling Solutions, features a modular design that enables seamless migration from duplex 10 Gb/s to today's 40 and 100 Gb/s applications。

The Simon BASE-12 Plug and play optical fiber system includes distribution boxes, modules, adapters, cluster cable assemblies and jumpers to provide a complete end-to-end optical fiber system for ultra high density, high density and standard density optical fiber deployment。Both modules and adapters use high-quality ceramic inserts that offer higher accuracy and durability than traditional phosphor bronze sleeves for improved fiber docking accuracy and wear resistance。

High-density FCP3 rack optical fiber distribution box


The HD FCP3 wiring box supports integrated high-density FCP3 fiber plug and play multi-mode and single-mode modules and adapter boards to connect, protect and manage up to 96 core fibers in a compact 1U rack mounting unit。

  • Use slide back and forth drawer type fiber tray for easy access to fiber connection
  • Truncated modules ensure ample jumper management space to ensure the correct fiber bending radius
  • Designed for simple plug-and-play deployment of LC to MTP plug-and-play modules as well as LC and MTP adapter boards

Standard plug and play solutions


With Simon LC to MTP and SC to MTP plug and play modules, up to 24 core LC fibers or 12 core SC fibers can be deployed quickly and efficiently in a single module。Factory-preterminated and tested ports are protected by a housing for reliable high performance and can be easily connected with base-12 components。The modules are suitable for multi-mode and single-mode cables and are compatible with RIC, FCP and SWIC fiber distribution boxes and VersaPOD® vertical distribution frames。In addition, MTP to MTP adapter boards are provided。

  • The RIC fiber distribution frame is available in 1 RMS and 4 RMS sizes, supports 19-inch rack-mount and is compatible with Simon's standard plug and play modules and adapter boards
  • Rack-mounted fiber Distribution boxes (FCP3-DWR and FCP3-RACK) connect, protect, and manage up to 72 fiber cores (up to 288 cores with MTP to MTP adapters) in a compact 1U。The FCP3-DWR makes fiber connections very simple with a drawer tray that easily slides back and forth inside the case。
  • The Wall Mounted Fiber Connection Center (SWIC3) is an economical and efficient thin fiber distribution box that can manage and protect up to 192 SC, ST or LC fiber interfaces, or 768 MTP interfaces。

Base-12 components, cluster cables, jumpers, and conversion jumpers

Cable Assemblies

Available in multi-mode and single-mode, Simon BASE-12 Plug-and-play products include BASE-12 MTP cluster cables, jumpers and hybrid device jumpers for a complete set of ultra-dense end-to-end systems。Components are made from RazorCore?Optical cable manufacturing, can be customized to the requirements of the application, the optimized cable diameter for high-density wiring area to ease congestion and improve air circulation, each component has been fully two-way testing in the factory。Simon MTP cluster cables, jumpers and hybrid jumpers are available with MTP Pro connectors, providing convenient locating pins and polarity switching to avoid time delays caused by reordering due to polarity and connector type design or configuration errors。

  • MTP bundle cable assemblies are available in low-loss multimode and single-mode and are suitable for MTP Pro connectors, enabling fast wiring and connections to Simon Plug and play modules and MTP adapter boards
  • Base-12 MTP jumper the BASE-12 MTP jumper uses an MTP Pro connector to connect the MTP trunk cable to an active device。
  • Hybrid components provide a modular alternative that supports 10 Gb/s, including MTP to LC cluster cables with 12 to 144 fiber cores and 4 X 10G MTP to LC components
  • Simon 40/100g device conversion jumper converts two 12-core MTP to one 24-core MTP (for 100GBASE-SR10),It is also possible to convert two 12-core MTP to three 8-core MTP,Ensure full utilization in 40/100GBASE-SR4 8-core applications