Base-8 plug and play optical fiber

Seamless migration from duplex 10 Gb/s to existing and future 8-core fiber applications

Existing 40G and 100G (Gb/s) multi-mode fiber applications, as well as future 200 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s multi-mode and single-mode applications, are based on 8-core fiber transmission, with 4 transmitting and 4 receiving, at rates of 10 Gb/s or 25 Gb/s per core。As part of Simon's Lighthouse™ advanced cabling solutions, the Base-8 Plug-and-play fiber system provides the easiest and most seamless way to transition from duplex 10GB /s applications to existing and future 8-core fiber applications and even 400G applications。

Simon's BASE-8 system consists of distribution boxes, modules, adapters, cluster cable assemblies and jumpers to form a complete end-to-end 8-core fiber system that achieves 100% fiber utilization in 40/100 Gb/s and above applications without the use of conversion jumpers or modules。

High-density FCP3 rack optical fiber distribution box


The HD FCP3 wiring box supports integrated high-density FCP3 fiber plug and play multi-mode and single-mode modules and adapter boards to connect, protect and manage up to 96 fiber cores in a compact 1U rack mounting unit。

  • Use slide back and forth drawer type fiber tray for easy access to fiber connection
  • Truncated module installation ensures ample jumper management space to ensure correct fiber bending radius
  • Designed for simple plug-and-play deployment of LC to MTP plug-and-play modules as well as LC and MTP adapter boards

Base-8 components, cluster cables, and jumpers

  • Base-8 MTP bundle cable assemblies are available in low-loss multimode and single-mode and support fast wiring and connection to modules and MTP adapter boards
  • Simon MTP cluster cables, jumpers and hybrid jumpers are available with MTP Pro connectors, providing convenient locating pins and polarity switching to avoid time delays caused by reordering due to polarity and connector type design or configuration errors。
  • Simon RazorCore™ fiber with a smaller diameter reduces aisle congestion and improves air flow, while connecting to active equipment using only a 2mm diameter MTP jumper
  • Hybrid Components provide module alternatives that support 10 Gb/s applications, including 4 X 10G BASE-8 MTP to LC BladePatch® Single-pipe dual-core optical fiber assembly, with innovative push-pull design, can easily plug and unplug jumper in high-density wiring area。

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