Fiber optic wiring system

XGLO®And LightSystem®

Simon fiber cabling systems include a wide variety of types of indoor and indoor/outdoor optical cables, cable assemblies, distribution boxes, jumpers, taillines and field terminating systems to fully meet the needs of optical fiber from backbone to desktop networks。

The Simon XGLO fiber routing system uses flexural laser optimized multi-mode fiber and advanced flexural single-mode fiber to support the latest fiber applications。XGLO series includes Simon's innovative LC BladePatch® Single-jacketed fiber optic assemblies that can be easily plugged and removed in high-density environments, and LightBow™ fiber optic termination systems that significantly reduce termination times and improve performance。

For companies that don't yet need transmission speeds of more than 10 Gb/s, but still need high quality traditional fiber systems to support gigabit Ethernet applications, the LightSystem 62.Multi-mode fiber optic cables and components are ideal solutions。

LC BladePatch Single sheath innovation technology

LC BladePatch Uniboot Innovation

Simon's LC BladePatch single-jacket dual-working component is a unique solution for high-density fiber routing environments, providing superior performance for multi-mode and single-mode fiber applications。The revolutionary and innovative push-pull jacket design controls the buckles, allowing easy insertion and removal in high-density environments, and the use of smaller diameter cables reduces aisle congestion, improving air flow and energy efficiency while simplifying overall cable management。

  • The patented buckle rotation design (multi-mode and UPC single-mode) enables easy polarity changes in the field while eliminating fiber damage hazards because only the buckle rotates during polarity changes while the entire connector remains stationary。In addition, you can clearly indicate whether the polarity has been switched。Compact sheath design for easy stacking。
  • Multi-mode and single-mode (UPC and APC) jumpers as well as LC BladePatch to LC BladePatch cluster cables and MTP to LC BladePatch cluster cables are available,It is an economical and efficient alternative to a variety of cabling complementary configurations and remote configurations。

To learn about push-pull jacket design and on-site polarity conversion features, watch the LC BladePatch video below:

LightBow optical fiber termination system

LightBow Fiber Termination System

Simon LightBow is an economical and efficient mechanical splicing system,Easy to use tools that are lightweight and ergonomic,Combine optical fiber bonding and mechanical crimp optimization into a single complete step,Halve the field connection time,And enhance the performance and reliability of LC/SC multi-mode and single-mode fiber termination。

  • One-step termination supports LC/SC multi-mode and single-mode connector types without time-consuming conversion
  • There is no need to remove the joint dust cover during the process of termination, which effectively protects the joint end face which is critical to performance
  • Bow bending ensures that the fiber ends are kept under proper pressure during termination, thus eliminating air gaps
  • The connector has a built-in inspection window and the ability to re-end
  • LightBow termination Kit includes an easy-to-carry tool kit that contains everything you need for termination, including termination tools, high precision cutters and 0.5mW visual fault locator (VFL)

Optical fiber distribution box

Fiber Enclosures, Management and Support

Simon offers a wide range of rack-mounted and wall-mounted fiber distribution boxes and panels that support a variety of densities and applications using a variety of modules and adapter boards。

  • The rack-type optical fiber connection center (RIC3) provides 96 ports (2U), 144 ports (2U), 192 ports (3U), and 288 ports (4U),Compatible with Quick-Pack™ adapter boards and modules,Provides excellent cable management, port identification, optical fiber ease of operation, and security。Adapters and pigtails can also be pre-installed for wiring and fusion applications。
  • The Wall mounted Fiber Connection Center (SWIC3) is an economical and efficient thin fiber distribution box for managing and protecting fiber optics in a wall mounted installation environment。Simon's Quick-pack adapter board is available in a variety of sizes, including the small SWIC3。
  • The RIC 19-inch rack-mounted fiber distribution frame is available in 1U and 4U sizes. It uses quick-pack fiber adapter boards and modules and can be installed in racks, cabinets, and chassis to support fiber applications in data centers, lans, and passive fiber networks。
  • Simon's Fiber Distribution box (FCP3-DWR and FCP3-RACK) uses Quick-pack adapter boards to connect, protect, and manage up to 72 fibers in 1U in an affordable manner (up to 288 fibers if using MTP to MTP adapters)

Jumper and tail

Jumpers and Pigtails

Simon offers a wide variety of single-mode and multi-mode cable types, epoxy sanding and bonding terminating systems, workspace solutions and accessories for end-to-end fiber routing systems from service providers to data centers to office terminals。

  • Optical cable products include various OM1, OM3, OM4 multi-mode and OS1/OS2 single-mode indoor, indoor/outdoor and outdoor (OSP) cables, including tightly sheathed buffered, loose sheathed and armored cables, etc
  • Simon offers simplex and duplex SC, LC and ST epoxy polished single-mode and multi-mode connectors as well as LightSpeed end kits that come with a sturdy canvas carrying toolbox containing all the tools needed for end。
  • The Fiber-optic Workspace solution includes Simon MAX fiber-optic adapter modules, modular furniture adapters, surface mounting boxes and distribution frames compatible with all MAX family panels,And ultra-thin Multi-user Telecommunications socket Box (MUTOA) for up to 36 fibre optic ports and fibre Optic socket Box (FOB2) with slip-in fibre optic bracket for FTTD applications。
  • In addition, easy-to-use fiber cleaning tools for MTP, LC and SC fiber connectors are available, as well as visible fault locator (VFL), cutting knife, wire stripper, scissors, etc., to meet all your fiber termination requirements

Optical cable, traditional field terminations, workspace solutions and accessories

Cable, Traditional Field-Termination, Work Area Solutions and Accessories

The XGLO and LightSystem jumpers and tailfibers use high-quality fiber and superior connector grinding to meet stringent industry specifications for end-face geometry and insertion and return loss, enabling duplex and simplex fiber applications over long distances and next-generation backbone networks。

  • Available in duplex and simplex as well as OM1, OM3, OM4, 0S1/OS2 fiber types, bevel Grinding (APC) single mode options for FTTX, PON, CATV LAN and WAN
  • Large packs of pigtails with color coding and convenient plastic protective packaging to reduce waste costs
  • The Mini-LC duplex jumper is designed to be used with miniature SFP (mSFP) transceivers to increase the density of active devices

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