Passive Optical Network (PON)
Optical fiber cabling solution

Cost-effective modular, high-performance solutions,
Used to transfer voice, video, and data to desktop applications。

A passive fiber Optic network (PON) can transmit voice, video, and data to desktop applications over a single single-mode fiber, extending the transmission distance, simplifying deployment, and saving channel and pipeline space。Simon's enterprise-class passive Optical Network (PON) fiber routing solution is an economical and efficient modular, high-performance solution that improves the modularity and flexibility of PONS and makes them easier to manage。

Simon's enterprise PON fiber optic cabling solution offers a variety of optical splitter installation options, supports a variety of PON applications, and includes cabling, components, connectors, cable management, and a variety of distribution box options, enhancing enterprise PON applications from OLT to workspace devices。

The beam splitter box

Splitter Cassettes

Simon splitter box adopts advanced planar optical waveguide (PLC) technology, which can realize multi-fiber connection and has excellent optical performance。The method uses a splitter device made of silica optical waveguide material, which can reduce insertion loss and polarization dependent loss and improve the uniformity。

  • Compatible with Simon's fibre optic distribution boxes and distribution frames, including FCP3, SWIC3, RIC3, rack-mounted connection frames and VersaPOD Zero-U distribution frames
  • Provides SC, LC, and MTP interfaces with a variety of port configurations, including 1 or 2 input ports and 8 to 32 output ports
  • The optional front and rear outlets allow for a variety of installation and branch layouts, supporting a variety of environments and applications

Rack type splitter distribution frame

Rack-Mount Splitter Panel

Rack splitter distribution frame integrates splitter technology into a 19-inch rack mounting unit for easy and quick installation in standard rack, cabinet or chassis

  • Available in six different optical split ratios, supporting a variety of PON applications, including 19 rack mounting units of 1x8, 2x8, 1x16, 2x16, 1x32, 2X32 and dual 1x16, with UPC or APC SC or LC ports

Single mode fiber optic adapters and modules

Singlemode Fiber Adapters and Modules

Simon fiber adapters and modules are ideal for creating flexible fiber interconnections and hops between OLT and splitter as well as splitter and ONT, with the benefits of structured cabling, including easy upgrades and moves, additions and changes。Patented integrated buckle features make installation and operation easier。

  • Quick-Pack®The adapter board is available for single-mode SC/APC, LC/APC and MTP/APC and is installed in the distribution box and distribution frame with the splitter box
  • Simon SC/APC to MTP and LC/APC to MTP plug and play modules are ideal for deploying high-density MTP PON solutions using area wiring and can be installed in distribution boxes and distribution frames with splitter boxes。

Fiber optic distribution box, distribution frame, hub and area wiring

Fiber Distribution Enclosures, Panels, Hubs and Zone Cabling

Simon's PON fiber optic cabling solution consists of a variety of fiber optic distribution boxes and distribution frames that can be deployed between OLT and ONT。

  • The RIC3 distribution box is designed to improve optical fiber management and ease of use。This type of distribution box supports The Simon PON optical splitter box, Quick-pack adapter board and plug and play module without affecting fiber protection and operation。
  • Rack and drawer FCP3 fiber distribution boxes can hold up to three Quick-pack adapters, splitter boxes or plug and play modules in a 1U space。
  • The RIC distribution frame, available in 1U and 4U types, has multiple adapter board openings in a standard 19-inch rack and supports optical splitter boxes, Quick-pack adapter boards, and plug-and-play modules。
  • The expanded wall-mounted Fiber Connection Center (SWIC) accommodates up to eight Quick-pack adapter boards, four front-end branch path splitter boxes (located on brackets), and up to six LC or SC MAX modules, making it ideal for fiber distribution hubs near workspaces。
  • Simon's wall-mounted cabinets are also particularly suitable for creating high-capacity fiber distribution hubs using the RIC 4U distribution frame。
  • Simon's ultra-thin MAX® unit Area distribution box, SWIC distribution box, 24-port MAX distribution box and passive ceiling type area distribution box are ideal for placement near work area grouping for easy to manage short fiber link to ONT。

PON optical cable, connectors, jumpers and workspace solutions

PON Fiber Cable, Connectivity, Jumpers and Work Area Solutions

Simon's PON fiber optic cabling solution includes all the cables and connectors needed to perform the deployment as well as the end-to-end PON system。

  • Simon XGLO single-mode cable is available in tight sheath buffer cable, armored tight sheath buffer cable and all ITU-T G compliant.652, Telcordia, ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC standard indoor/outdoor and outdoor loose sheath cables。
  • Simon's PON solutions include SC and LC bending-resistant simplex single-mode fiber jumpers, ideal for flexible connection to ONT in PON systems and workspaces。
  • Simon's LightBow™ Mechanical splicing terminal system includes SC and LC APC simplex connectors and easy-to-use lightweight tools that combine splicing and mechanical splicing operations in one。
  • To achieve the integrity of PON systems located in the workplace, Simon offers simplex fiber MAX modules that can be installed in Simon MAX panels, area distribution boxes and modular furniture adapters。
  • Simon's Class 6 and 6A copper jumpers are ideal for connecting ONT to computers, phones, printers, wireless access points, and a variety of other devices, and can be easily color-coded with 9 color clasp。

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