Optical fiber fusion solution

Widely used in all kinds of single fiber and batch welding applications

Optical fiber fusion has become an increasingly popular onsite connection method, and it is also the best way to transfer from outdoor 250μm cable to indoor 900μm cable。Simon fiber fusion solutions include a variety of fusion distribution boxes, pallets, single-mode and multi-mode modules, and pigtails to meet a wide range of single-fiber and bulk fusion requirements。

Fuse wiring box


Simon offers a variety of distribution boxes in different capacities that can be used to access, store, manage and protect fiber optic connectors。

  • Available in 3U, 3U, and 4U versions, the RIC expansion cable box can be used to install and secure multiple optical fiber fusion trays and store redundant optical fibers. It can accommodate up to 432 MTP tail fiber batch fusion, 288 strip fiber fusion, or 144 900 μm fiber fusion
  • Fcp3-dwr rack-mounted fiber distribution box with detachable drawers, equipped with trays that slide out from the front or back for easy access to fiber connections, can hold up to three fiber fusion trays in a 1U space for 72-core fiber fusion
  • Wall mounted Fiber Connection Center (SWIC3) wiring boxes are available in a variety of sizes and optional fusion tray brackets for mounting mini fusion trays
  • The economical optical fiber management tray (FMT) can hold up to two optical fiber fusion trays and can hold 48 optical fiber fusion cores

Weld tray and module


Simon's fusion tray, module and module box are installed in a fusion distribution box and are equipped with heat shrinkable sleeves to safely and efficiently protect the fusion of 250μm or 900μm optical fibers。

  • Quick-pack ® RIC fuse module box (RSC) comes with an LC or SC adapter that doubles the weld capacity in an expanded RIC wiring box, holding up to 288 cores of 900μm of weld in a 4U space, without the need for a dedicated weld tray
  • The fiber fusion module designed with Quick-Pack can be deployed in expanded RIC and FCP3 fusion distribution boxes and allows direct fusion of strip or 900μm cable
  • 装有透明卡扣式聚碳酸酯盖板的光纤熔接托盘最多可容纳24芯熔接,可部署在扩展型RIC或FCP3Fuse wiring box中;最多容纳12芯熔接的小型熔接托盘可与SWIC3壁挂式配线箱配合使用

Optical fiber tail fiber


Simon's fusion solutions include a variety of multi-mode and single-mode tailfibers,Exceeds all TIA and ISO/IEC standards for insertion loss and return loss requirements,High quality optical fiber,Superior connector grinding processes meet stringent Telcordia and ISO/IEC standard end face geometry specifications。

  • XGLO simplex tailfibers are available in OM1, OM3 or OM4 multimode or single-mode versions, LC, SC or ST connector types, and APC LC and SC single-mode connector types
  • XGLO OM3 and OM4 multi-mode and single-mode tailfibers are available in large packs of 12 or 24 to avoid individual packaging, reduce shipping costs, and thus save time and cost
  • The multi-mode or single-mode MTP tail fiber provides low loss performance and can be connected to the MTP adapter board and batch fused in the fiber optic wiring box for 40/100G and above applications

Optical fiber connector


OptiFuse Optical fiber connector Provides simplex multi-mode LC and SC connectors, and LC and SC connectors of simplex single-mode APC or UPC are optional,It has a dust cover for inserting the core which is pre-polished by the factory and does not need to be removed during the end connection,And integrated fusion protection design within the connector,To achieve low loss welding performance。OptiFuse connectors do not require optical fiber splicing trays, splicing protection sleeves, and redundant optical fibers,Reduces the need for materials,The space in the fiber distribution box is saved,Compare that to a traditional fiber tail,Its installation speed increased by 30%,It is very suitable for welding in a narrow space where optical fiber welding tray and accessories cannot be installed。

  • Time saving - 30% faster installation speed compared to fiber tail
  • Minimization of contamination - No need to remove the plug cover during the entire termination process
  • Multi-purpose - can be connected to 250um coated optical fiber, 900um tightly sheathed optical fiber and 900um fan outlet assembly
  • Protection - The junction is located inside the connector and can be effectively protected