The power distribution unit

Metering type PDU


Metering PDUs provide on-site visual monitoring through a built-in LED meter。The metered PDU is an economical and efficient solution that is more intelligent than the basic PDU。

Order information

固定Input currentThe input voltage功率The input plugThe output socketThe output voltage长度型号Specification table
垂直20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20P5-20R (24)120V72in (1838mm)8TV11-AB24Z-K1A*PDF
垂直20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)120V72in (1838mm)8TV11-BA21C-K1A*PDF
水平15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (8)120V19in (482.6mm)8TH04-AA08Z-K1A*PDF
垂直15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (24)120V70in (1787mm)8TV04-AA24Z-K1A*PDF
水平20A208V3.3kWNEMA L6-20PC13 (10)208V19in (482.6mm)8TH07-BA10Z-K1A*PDF
水平30A208V4.9kWNEMA L6-30PC13 (10)208V19in (482.6mm)8TH08-BA10Z-K1A*PDF
垂直20A208V3.3kWNEMA L6-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V70in (1787mm)8TV07-BA21C-K1A*PDF
垂直30A208V4.9kWNEMA L6-30PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V70in (1787mm)8TV08-BA21C-K1A**PDF
垂直16A230/400V11.0kWIEC 60309C13 (24) + C19 (6)230V73in (1850mm)8TV26-BA24E-K1A**PDF
垂直32A230/400V22.0kWIEC 60309C13 (24) + C19 (6)230V73in (1850mm)8TV27-BA24E-K1A**PDF
水平16A230V3.6kWIEC C20C13 (12)230V19in (482.6mm)8TH33-BA12Z-K1A**PDF
水平30A208V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (12)208V19in (482.6mm)8TH58-BA12Z-K1A*PDF
水平32A230V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (12)230V19in (482.6mm)8TH22-BA12Z-K1A**PDF
垂直16A230V3.6kWIEC 60309C13 (24) + C19 (6)230V66in (1680mm)8TV33-BA24E-K1A**PDF
垂直30A208V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (24) + C19 (6)208V70in (1787mm)8TV58-BA24E-K1A*PDF

Meet UL standards (UL for North America)
** Meets CE standards (CE applies to the European Economic Area)