The power distribution unit

Controlling PDU


The control PDU integrates comprehensive monitoring and receptacle-level control. Users can remotely control a single socket to remotely restart or shut down the device。A control PDU can configure a maximum of six socket groups and assign specific socket group access rights to user groups。

  • Built-in display screen for local display
  • Equipment-level monitoring
  • Remote monitoring through Ethernet ports
  • Environmental sensor port
  • Socket level switch/control
  • IP Address Sharing
  • Logs and historical data
  • User-defined alarm

Order information

固定Input currentThe input voltage功率The input plugThe output socketThe output voltage长度型号Specification table
垂直20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20P5-20R (24)120V73in (1850mm)8SV11-AB24Z-K1A*PDF
垂直20A120/208V5.7kWNEMA L21-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)120V73in (1850mm)8SV11-BA21C-K1A*PDF
水平15A120V1.4kWNEMA 5-15P5-15R (8)120V19in (482.6mm)8SH01-AA08Z-K1A*PDF
水平15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (8)120V19in (482.6mm)8SH04-AA08Z-K1A*PDF
垂直15A120V1.4kWNEMA L5-15P5-15R (24)120V73in (1850mm)8SV04-AA24Z-K1A*PDF
垂直20A208V3.3kWNEMA L6-20PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V73in (1850mm)8SV07-BA21C-K1A*PDF
垂直30A208V4.9kWNEMA L6-30PC13 (21) + C19 (3)208V73in (1850mm)8SV08-BA21C-K1A*PDF
垂直32A230/400V22.0kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV27-BA21C-K1A**PDF
水平16A230V3.6kWIEC 60309C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH20-BA08Z-K1A**PDF
水平16A230V3.6kWIEC C20C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH33-BA08Z-K1A**PDF
水平32A230V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (8)230V19in (482.6mm)8SH22-BA08Z-K1A**PDF
垂直32A230V7.3kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV22-BA21C-K1A**PDF
垂直16A230V3.6kWIEC 60309C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV20-BA21C-K1A**PDF
垂直16A230V3.6kWIEC C20C13 (21) + C19 (3)230V73in (1850mm)8SV33-BA21C-K1A**PDF

Meet UL standards (UL for North America)
** Meets CE standards (CE applies to the European Economic Area)