Rack and cable management system

Simon offers a variety of racks, vertical and horizontal cable managers, channel systems and accessories to meet the needs of applications ranging from data centers to local area networks (LAN)。

Rack system


Simon Rack systems provide durable solutions for installing and securing IT equipment and connections in inter-telecom and data center environments。

  • VersaPOD® With U space, 907kg load rating and zero-U compatibility, the 4 column rack is an adjustable, easy to assemble stable platform for mounting extended depth/size active equipment while maximizing ground space savings。
  • The RS and Value Racks series provide an affordable and durable solution for installing and protecting IT equipment, and can be used in combination with vertical and horizontal managers to form a complete system
  • RS3 series cable management rack system includes integrated front-end vertical cable manager and hinged modular cover plate, which can provide large capacity line management space for horizontal and trunk cables and jumpers

Cable routing system


Simon's cable-routing system provides flexible and easily deployable overhead, underfloor and wall-mounted channels for data centers and all network infrastructure。

  • Available in 2 ", 4 "and 6" depths and in a variety of configurations, the RouteIT grid cable bridge can support almost any data center and network channel configuration。These Bridges use a thick grid construction to increase the contact area, thus reducing cable stress and avoiding cable deformation。
  • RouteIT underfloor cable Bridges support a variety of depths and widths and can be installed using mounting bases, multilevel channel supports and horizontal/vertical underfloor supports (including seismic versions)

Bridge mounting bracket


The Simon bridge mounting bracket provides 4U 19 "rack space for easy installation and operation in cabinets and above racks without taking up additional floor space, making it ideal for all telecommunications and data centers。

  • Add space for copper cables and optical fibers outside the cabinet to move some cables out of the cabinet to improve space efficiency
  • Suitable for area cabling solutions in managed data centers for faster distribution of cables from incoming lines to individual user Spaces
  • Compatible with lifting bridge and trapezoidal bridge, vertical or parallel installation with the direction of the bridge
  • Available in 2U, 4U and 6U versions with a rated load of 27 kg (60 lb)

The chassis accessories


Simon offers a full range of accessories to further customize Simon racks and cabinets。

  • Fixed, adjustable solid or ventilated load-bearing laminators for monitors, UPS units, tower servers, and other non-rack-mounted equipment

  • 19 - to 23-inch distribution frame adapters enable distribution frames to match other 23-inch products

  • Hinged distribution frame mounting bracket for easy access to rear end connection

  • Simon offers a wide range of supports for a wide range of devices, distribution frames and PDUs