Reinforced/industrial connectors and wiring

Provides protection for critical connections in harsh environments

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Simon ruggedized infrastructure solutions protect critical network connections from dust, moisture, industrial cleaning chemicals and vibration。Hardened infrastructure solutions are ideal for protecting critical connections in laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and other harsh environments。

Reinforced copper cable connection system


The Simon reinforced copper cable connection system includes class 5E, Class 6 unshielded and class 6A sockets, plugs and hops to ensure that critical connections are protected and can reliably scale lans into harsh environments without compromising bandwidth or performance。

  • The patented reinforced housing is made of chemically resistant thermoplastic material and features an innovative 1/4 rotary pin engagement design that ensures an IP66/IP67 seal rating
  • The plug can be terminated on site to support quick assembly of custom length on site
  • The plug housing and dust cover are provided with skid bars to provide additional skid assistance during insertion and removal

Hardened LC optical fiber connection system


Simon ruggized LC fiber Optic solutions provide rugged fiber optic connections and are ideal for ensuring reliability and performance in critical applications。The reinforced optical fiber connector is ideal for protecting optical fibers for long-distance transmission, near large electromagnetic interference sources, or using active optical fiber devices。

  • With duplex multi-mode and single-mode LC fiber connectors, the patented reinforced housing and innovative 1/4 rotary pin engagement design ensure IP66/IP67 seal rating
  • With a dedicated fiber de-stress protective sleeve and heavy duty de-stress crimp assembly, the stress-relief capability increases by more than 50% compared to standard fiber optic solutions

M12 D-coded cable assemblies


Simon's M12 D-Coded connectors are industry standard Ethernet and PROFINET industrial networking interfaces that conform to ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC 11801 Ed 2.Class 25E specification。Designed for industrial automation environments or other harsh applications that require compact, robust, reliable connections。

  • A polyurethane (PUR) cable sheath, specially designed to resist uv and chemical corrosion, is combined with a molded connector to achieve IP67 protection
  • Provides protection against common industrial environmental factors such as dust, vibration, shock, electromagnetic interference, chemicals and mechanical stress
  • Straight or Angle connectors are available, with a choice of pair or RJ45 connectors at one end

Full range of reinforced accessories


In addition to ruggedized copper cables and fiber optic connectors, Simon's ruggedized product line also includes a range of ruggedized accessories for harsh environments。

  • Stainless steel panels are available in 1 -, 2 -, 3 - and 4-port options and come with rear sealing gaskets for IP44 protection
  • Simon copper cable or fiber reinforced socket is available in the surface mounting box with 1 -, 2 -, 3 - and 4-port options and inlet sealing sleeve
  • Dust-proof caps are made of industrial grade thermoplastic protective material for excellent durability and can protect unused sockets
  • DIN rail mounting distribution frame provides an efficient wiring solution for industrial networks in control boxes and distribution cabinets where equipment is installed using DIN mode
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