Area cabling solution

Build highly flexible infrastructure for today's smart buildings

The area cabling design mainly includes horizontal cabling from inter-telecommunication (TR) to intermediate connection points。Intermediate connections are usually located in area distribution boxes installed in ceiling Spaces, walls, or under raised floors。The device can be connected directly from the area distribution box using an easy to manage short link, or routed from the area distribution box to sockets and surface mounting boxes that support voice, data, or other system applications。

Area cabling supports rapid reorganization, which reduces the cost of late movement, addition, and change. The implementation speed is faster, and the impact is smaller. Because the change is limited to the short cabling links between area distribution boxes and devices, the overall change of horizontal cabling is not required。This highly flexible wiring structure is ideal for smart buildings and applications that fuse devices such as LED lighting, security cameras, wireless access points or building automation controllers into a unified network。

Simon's Plenum flame retardant rating area wiring boxes are ideal for deployment in ventilated Spaces,Can be used with Simon's Plenum flame retardant rating cables, surface mount boxes, surface assembly boxes and sockets, and z-Plug ™ field end plugs that can be used at either end of a link leading from an area distribution box。


MAX 24 ports®Area unit distribution box


This thin distribution box supports up to 24 ports using flat MAX®(copper cable or optical fiber), Z-max®Or TERA®Socket, suitable for a wide range of horizontal copper cable and optical fiber applications。

  • Build flexible copper cable and fiber optic cabling solutions for Lans, PON and smart buildings
  • Meet Plenum and non-PLENUM flame retardant requirements
  • Foam gaskets prevent dust from entering and an integrated label system facilitates port identification

Passive ceiling type area distribution box


Passive ceiling area distribution box is a flexible and economical solution that supports area cabling in a variety of enterprise workspaces。Passive ceiling area distribution boxes support up to 96 ports and are designed to meet UL 2043 Plenum class flame retardant requirements and can be inserted into a 2x2 ft ceiling space。

  • Cut good condole top adornment board can slip easily inside the door, decorate a style to be an organic whole with surroundings
  • The 4U rack system is fully adjustable with a load capacity up to 31.7千克
  • Hinged doors and tilting brackets facilitate access to ports

MAX®Area unit distribution box


Available in 24 port and 48 port versions, the MAX Area unit distribution box is a high-density solution designed for underfloor applications。

  • The cable tie fixing point (including the bonded cable bundling tape) and the optical fiber manager are located in the cable distribution box
  • The 48-port version comes with internal struts for additional structural support